Blue-Key BK-7128/50mA Multi-Channel Battery Cycling Test Tower 50 mA

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Blue-Key BK-7128/50mA Multi-Channel Battery Tester
Use these testers in conjuction with the provided BK7000 software to analyze battery life cycles by charging/discharging up to 128 batteries then plotting the recorded voltage, current, time, and capacity data.
Channel parameters: 
  • Range of current: up to 50 mA
  • Current accuracy: +/-(0.01% FS + 0.01% RD)
  • Range of time: 0-30,000 minutes

Device channels:
  • Tower is double sided
  • 16 groups per side
  • 4 batteries per group
  • 64 batteries per side
  • 128 batteries total
Charge mode: constant current, constant voltage
Charge terminated conditions: voltage, current, time, capacity

Discharge mode: constant current
Discharge terminated conditions: voltage, time, capacity

Flow settings: maximum 64 steps and 1999 cycles

Requires 220 VAC
Crating cost: $200
We also have six 5A 256 channel battery testers available here



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