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We are your local distributor for all OHAUS equipment!

Laboratory, Industrial, Retail, Educational, Food, and Botanical industries are all supported by OHAUS equipment. Balances, scales, centrifuges, shakers, moisture analyzers, etc..  

Client List

We Need Your Help!

Wildlife Care Network needs supplies donated before baby season.  If you are cleaning shop & clearing out things we will transport the items for you! Here is a list of the things they need.

● Kidney bean trays
● 2’’ gauze squares
● Q-tips
● Tongue depressors
● 3M paper tape
● Tape for boots**
● Needle drivers
● Thermometers (digital) go down to 100°F
● Alcohol swabs
● 10 cc sterile saline syringe
● Isopropyl alcohol
● Gowns (esp. waterproof)
● Heating pads
● 100 cc syringe (w/ O-ring)
-any size (w/ O-Ring)

● Mascara brushes
● 14/FR Gavage tubes
● Measuring cups
● Metal canula, for luer lock syringe
● Ceramic dishes
● Hibiclens
● Simple green or bleach
● Sam splint
● Small scales w/ .1 grams (digital)
● .75’’ - 1.5’’ binder clips
● Bungee chords
● Baby scale
● Mini clip boards
● Spray bottles
● Large rubber gloves
● Small dry erase boards
-expo pens
● Soap dispenser


Excellent service. Prompt shipping and a snack included!

Dan Andersen (eBay User)

It was a Pleasure working with Anacapa Equipment and will visit often.

Luminary Concepts

Excellent Ebay Seller - Received in Pristine condition and as advertised.

rjc1602 (eBay User)

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