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We Need Your Help!

Wildlife Care Network needs supplies donated before baby season.  If you are cleaning shop & clearing out things we will transport the items for you! Here is a list of the things they need.

● Kidney bean trays
● 2’’ gauze squares
● Q-tips
● Tongue depressors
● 3M paper tape
● Tape for boots**
● Needle drivers
● Thermometers (digital) go down to 100°F
● Alcohol swabs
● 10 cc sterile saline syringe
● Isopropyl alcohol
● Gowns (esp. waterproof)
● Heating pads
● 100 cc syringe (w/ O-ring)
-any size (w/ O-Ring)

● Mascara brushes
● 14/FR Gavage tubes
● Measuring cups
● Metal canula, for luer lock syringe
● Ceramic dishes
● Hibiclens
● Simple green or bleach
● Sam splint
● Small scales w/ .1 grams (digital)
● .75’’ - 1.5’’ binder clips
● Bungee chords
● Baby scale
● Mini clip boards
● Spray bottles
● Large rubber gloves
● Small dry erase boards
-expo pens
● Soap dispenser