Coulter Epics Filters and Filter Holders (2517A)

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Coulter Epic Short Pass Filters
  • Manufacturer: Coulter Epic
  • Long Pass Laser Blocking Filter 6852034 (one filter) 488 3802072 ​
  • Band Pass Filter 6853412 (one filter) 525 3814036
  • Filter Edge Long Pass Filter wavelength 6804427  475 3802047 and 495 3802049
  • Three Holders, no filters 1009057 C
  • Long Pass Filter 6804428 (one Filter) 530 3802051 560/590
  • Dichroic Short Pass Narrow Band Filter 6854462   600 3814068 and 457 LPLB
  • Long Pass Filters 6804429  550 3802052 and 570 3802053
  • Band Pass Filter 6854459  (one filter) 575 3814066
  • Dichroic Short Pass Filters 6804426  560 3802065 and 590 3802066
  • Short Pass Filters 6804424 530 3802073 and 560 3802067
  • 568 LPLB 381 4029 (one filter)
  • Dichroic Long Band Pass Filter 6854461 (one filter) 550 3814067
  • Band Pass Filter 6853412 525 3814036 and 415 BP 40
  • Long Pass Laser Block 6854463  457-502 3814080 and 500-25 omega optical
  • Long Pass UV Filters 6852402  408 3814010 and 418 3814011
  • Long Pass Filters 6804431 630 3802056
  • Long Pass Filters 6804430 590 3802054 and 610 3802055 550/570

  • It appears that 1 filter is missing from set. Please note pictures.  Some of the filters have small scratches.

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